Epic Games has announced its plan to bring Fortnite to iPad

Fortnite to iPad

Epic Games has announced its plan to bring Fortnite to iPad later this year, following the European Union’s decision to label Apple’s iPadOS as a “gatekeeper” under its Digital Markets Act (DMA). This decision by the EU regulation aims to promote competition by requiring Apple to allow access to alternative app stores such as Epic’s Game Store.

Epic Games praised the EU’s decision in a post on X and stated its intention to bring Fortnite to the Epic Games Store in the EU “soon” and to iPads later this year. This move follows Epic’s earlier announcement to bring Fortnite back to iPhones in the EU due to the DMA.

The ongoing rivalry between Epic Games and Apple has been a notable dispute in recent years. Epic sued Apple over alleged anticompetitive conduct related to its App Store and commission structure. Although the court mostly sided with Apple, ruling it was not a monopoly, Epic did achieve a significant win with the allowance of developers to guide customers to alternative payment methods from within their apps.

Despite Apple’s compliance with the EU’s DMA, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney criticized the tech giant’s approach, accusing it of implementing rules filled with “junk fees.” Apple responded by terminating Epic Games’ developer account, labeling the game maker a “threat” to the iOS ecosystem. Following an investigation by the EU into Apple’s actions, the company reinstated Epic Games’ account.

The question remains whether Epic Games will successfully bring Fortnite to the iPhone and iPad as planned, given Apple’s previous responses. Nonetheless, Epic’s strategy highlights its intent to compete with Apple through its own game store on the company’s platforms.

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