Threads API launch

Meta Unveils Threads API for Developers: New Opportunities for Third-Party Integrations

Threads API launch

Meta has launched the Threads API, opening new doors for developers and third-party businesses to integrate their applications with the Threads platform. Announced in a blog post by Jesse Chen, Threads’ director of engineering, this API will enable a wide range of functionalities and integrations.

Key Features of the Threads API

The Threads API offers developers the ability to:

  • Publish custom posts including images, videos, text, and carousels
  • Analyze performance metrics
  • Access follower demographics
  • Automate reply tools

According to the blog post, “People can now publish posts via the API, fetch their own content, and leverage our reply management capabilities to set reply and quote controls, retrieve replies to their posts, hide, unhide or respond to specific replies.”

Announcement and Developer Resources

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the availability of the Threads API on Threads, stating, “The Threads API is now widely available, and coming to more of you soon.”

To assist developers, Meta has provided an open-source sample app and a guide on using the API. Interested developers can fill out a form to get started. Note that Threads accounts are limited to 250 API-published posts per 24 hours.

Testing and Collaborations

Meta began testing the Threads API earlier this year with partners like Hootsuite, Techmeme, Sprinklr, Social News Desk, Grabyo, and Sprout Social. The beta phase started in April 2023.

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Elina Vilk, Hootsuite’s chief marketing officer, expressed excitement about the integration: “Threads is a fast-growing network that reflects where social is headed, and the capabilities that this API integration makes possible for our customers is taking Hootsuite’s mission of unlocking social relationships to a new level.”

Threads’ Evolution and Challenges

Since its launch in July 2023, Threads has experienced a fluctuating user base, peaking at 150 million users in April after a significant dip in August 2023. The platform has introduced features like trending topics, a TweetDeck-like column view, post archiving, and a Tinder-like swipe feature.

However, Threads has also faced challenges, including accessibility issues and reports of hate speech and controversial posts. Despite these hurdles, Meta has been proactive in adding fact-checkers to combat misinformation and improve user experience.


The launch of the Threads API marks a significant step in Meta’s effort to enhance the functionality and integration capabilities of the Threads platform. With the new API, developers and businesses can create more dynamic and engaging social media experiences, driving the platform’s growth and utility.

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Apple installment payment

Apple Discontinues Apple Pay Later: What’s Next for Installment Payments?

Apple installment payment
Image credit: Apple

Apple has officially discontinued Apple Pay Later, but a new installment payment solution is on the horizon. The move comes with the promise of a more flexible and globally accessible service.

The End of Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later, introduced at WWDC 2022 and launched in the U.S. in March 2023, allowed users to split payments into installments without additional fees or interest. Initially available to a limited group, it expanded to all U.S. users by October 2023, supporting payments between $75 and $1,000.

On Monday, Apple confirmed to 9to5Mac that it has stopped offering Apple Pay Later. However, existing users can still manage their remaining loans through the Wallet app.

A New Global Service Coming Soon

Later this year, Apple plans to introduce a new service enabling installment loans through credit and debit cards, as well as through various lenders, during checkout with Apple Pay. This service is set to be available globally, marking a significant expansion from the U.S.-only Apple Pay Later.

Apple emphasized their commitment to providing secure and private payment options. This new solution aims to bring flexible payment methods to more users worldwide, collaborating with Apple Pay-enabled banks and lenders.

Upcoming Features and Partnerships

At this year’s WWDC, Apple unveiled several new payment-related features. These include “Tap to Cash,” allowing users to send cash by holding their phones together. Apple also partnered with fintech company Affirm to offer installment loans for eligible credit and debit cards. These features will roll out with iOS 18, scheduled to launch in the fall alongside new iPhones.


While Apple Pay Later is no longer available, Apple is gearing up to launch a new, globally accessible installment payment service. This initiative, combined with other innovative payment features, underscores Apple’s ongoing commitment to enhancing user-friendly financial solutions.

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Ban on iPhones

Elon Musk Warns Against Apple’s ChatGPT Integration, Threatens Ban on iPhones at His Companies

Ban on iPhones

Ban on iPhones

Elon Musk is considering banning iPhones across all his companies following Apple’s announcement of new OpenAI integrations at WWDC 2024. In a series of posts on X, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and xAI expressed concerns, stating that if Apple integrates OpenAI at the operating system level, Apple devices would be prohibited from his businesses. Visitors would have to check their Apple devices at the door, where they would be stored in a Faraday cage.


Musk’s posts seem to misinterpret the partnership announced by Apple and OpenAI, or at the very least, he casts doubt on user privacy. While Apple and OpenAI emphasized that users must give consent before any questions, documents, or photos are sent to ChatGPT, Musk argues that OpenAI’s integration into Apple’s OS could potentially access private data.

In iOS 18, Apple revealed that users could ask Siri questions, and if ChatGPT could provide a better answer, Siri would request permission to share the question and present the answer directly. This feature allows users to get responses from ChatGPT without opening the ChatGPT app. The same process applies to sharing photos, PDFs, or other documents with ChatGPT.

However, Musk prefers that OpenAI’s functionalities remain confined to a dedicated app rather than integrated with Siri.

Responding to Sam Pullara, VC and CTO at Sutter Hill Ventures, who noted that user approval is required for each request and OpenAI does not have device access, Musk replied, “Then leave it as an app. This is bullshit.”

Pullara explained that the ChatGPT integration is similar to how the current ChatGPT app operates. The on-device AI models are either developed by Apple or utilize Apple’s Private Cloud.

In response to a post by YouTuber Marques Brownlee, which provided further clarification on Apple Intelligence, Musk stated, “Apple using the words ‘protect your privacy’ while handing your data over to a third-party AI that they don’t understand and can’t themselves create is not protecting privacy at all!”

Musk also responded to a post by Apple CEO Tim Cook, threatening to ban Apple devices from his companies’ premises if Cook didn’t “stop this creepy spyware.”

“It’s absurd that Apple isn’t capable of creating their own AI yet claims to ensure OpenAI will protect your security & privacy,” Musk exclaimed. “Apple has no clue what’s happening once they hand your data over to OpenAI. They’re selling you down the river,” he added. Although Apple may not fully understand OpenAI’s inner workings, it’s technically the user’s choice to share data, not Apple’s.

Apple also announced an integration allowing users to access ChatGPT system-wide within Writing Tools via a “compose” feature. This feature lets users ask ChatGPT to write a bedtime story for a child or generate images to complement their writing. Users will be able to access ChatGPT for free without needing to create an account, which is excellent news for OpenAI as it anticipates a significant increase in requests from Apple users.

Musk appears to leverage user privacy concerns to gain attention. If users could choose their preferred AI bot for Siri or writing help, such as Anthropic’s Claude or xAI’s Grok, Musk might not voice such strong objections. (Apple hinted at the potential integration of Google Gemini in a post-keynote session.)

Apple reassured users that their requests and information are not logged, but ChatGPT subscribers can connect their accounts to access paid features within Apple’s AI experiences.

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“Users control when ChatGPT is used and will be asked before any information is shared. ChatGPT integration will come to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia later this year,” said Apple SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi. These features will be available only on iPhone Pro 15 models and devices with M1 or newer chips.

OpenAI echoed this sentiment in its blog post, noting that “requests are not stored by OpenAI, and users’ IP addresses are obscured. Users can also connect their ChatGPT account, meaning their data preferences will apply under ChatGPT’s policies.” This refers to the optional ability to connect the feature with a paid subscription.

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iOS 18 message scheduling

Apple Messages Finally Embraces RCS and Text Scheduling in iOS 18

iOS 18 message scheduling
Image credit: Apple.

Apple’s iMessage and Messages app in iOS 18 are set to introduce two highly anticipated features: the ability to schedule messages and support for RCS, a next-gen messaging standard. These updates will significantly enhance the user experience, especially for those communicating with Android users.

Groundbreaking Messaging Features in iOS 18

Introduction of Text Scheduling

For years, iPhone users have sought the ability to schedule messages. Until now, they’ve had to rely on third-party apps or cumbersome workarounds. iOS 18 changes this by allowing users to schedule messages directly within the Messages app. This feature is ideal for business professionals, night owls, and anyone who wants to ensure their messages are sent at the perfect time without waking someone up or missing important events.

Embracing RCS for Enhanced Messaging

The most significant update, however, is the support for Rich Communication Services (RCS). This next-gen messaging standard is set to replace SMS, resolving many issues faced when texting Android users. RCS will bring improved features such as typing indicators, read receipts, and higher quality media sharing, bridging the gap between iOS and Android communication.

Apple message iOS 18
Image credit: Apple

The Push for RCS Adoption

Google’s Advocacy and EU Regulations

Google has long advocated for Apple’s adoption of RCS to streamline communication between iOS and Android users. The ongoing “green bubble” debate, highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, has emphasized the need for a unified messaging standard. Although the EU ruled that iMessage wasn’t popular enough to mandate interoperability, regulatory scrutiny likely influenced Apple’s decision to support RCS.

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Addressing Longstanding Issues

Apple’s reluctance to adopt RCS has historically led to a subpar messaging experience with Android users, including lack of end-to-end encryption, no typing indicators, and low-quality media. With iOS 18, Apple aims to resolve these issues, although RCS messages will still appear as green bubbles on Apple devices.

Future Improvements and Encryption

Apple has indicated plans to work with the GSMA to introduce end-to-end encryption for RCS, though this won’t be available at launch. This future update promises to enhance security and privacy for cross-platform messaging.


The introduction of message scheduling and RCS support in iOS 18 marks a significant improvement for Apple’s Messages app. These features cater to user demands for greater functionality and smoother communication with Android devices. As Apple continues to refine these updates, users can look forward to a more seamless and enriched messaging experience.

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Sam Altman

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired for ‘Outright Lying,’ Ex-Board Member Claims

Sam Altman

In a revealing interview on The TED AI Show podcast, former OpenAI board member Helen Toner detailed the reasons behind the board’s decision to fire CEO Sam Altman in November last year. According to Toner, Altman was dismissed due to a history of obstructing and deceiving the board, creating a toxic workplace, and retaliating against critics.

Toner emphasized that the OpenAI board was established to prioritize the public good over profits. However, she claimed that Altman consistently made it difficult for the board to fulfill this mission by withholding information and misrepresenting company activities. She accused Altman of outright lying to the board on multiple occasions.

One major incident that Toner highlighted was the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, which the board learned about through social media rather than from Altman himself. Additionally, she alleged that Altman had not disclosed his ownership of the OpenAI startup fund, despite asserting that he had no financial interest in the company.

Toner also recounted how Altman reacted negatively to a research paper she co-authored, which critiqued OpenAI’s safety measures and praised a competitor. She claimed that Altman attempted to have her removed from the board by spreading falsehoods among other board members, further eroding their trust in him.

The decision to fire Altman came after weeks of intense and secretive discussions, as the board feared Altman would undermine their efforts if he got wind of their plans. Despite their careful planning, Altman was rehired as CEO just days after his dismissal following a public outcry and the replacement of most of the board members who had voted to oust him.

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Toner and fellow former board member Tasha McCauley expanded on these issues in an op-ed for The Economist, citing “long-standing patterns of behavior” as the rationale for Altman’s removal. They described an environment where executives reported negative experiences with Altman, labeling his conduct as “psychological abuse” and expressing doubts about his ability to lead the company to achieve artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Toner concluded that the board’s trust in Altman had been irreparably damaged, rendering it impossible to provide the necessary oversight for OpenAI. This breakdown in trust ultimately led to their decision to fire him, even though it did not yield the desired outcome.

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X town hall events

Musk’s X to Host Trump and RFK Jr. ‘Town Hall’ Events Ahead of Election

X town hall events

In a move that underscores Elon Musk’s political inclinations, X, formerly known as Twitter, will host “town hall” meetings with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This development highlights the platform’s shift towards right-leaning content and its efforts to engage conservative figures.

Background and Context

Since acquiring Twitter in 2022, Elon Musk has transformed the platform, reinstating accounts of right-wing conspiracy theorists, including Donald Trump. This shift aligns with Musk’s broader vision of promoting free speech, albeit with a noticeable tilt towards conservative voices.

The Town Hall Meetings

Participants and Format

The town hall meetings will feature Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. These events are set to be held in collaboration with the cable network NewsNation. Musk confirmed the news on Twitter, stating that the events “will be interesting.” However, no specific dates or additional details have been provided yet.

Invitations and Responses

An invitation was also extended to President Joe Biden. However, a source close to Biden’s campaign informed AFP that the president will not participate, choosing to focus on the scheduled debates against Trump instead.

Political Implications

Musk’s Relationship with Trump

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump is considering Elon Musk for a potential role in his administration if he wins the upcoming election. This relationship appears to be mutually beneficial, as Musk’s platform continues to host and promote events that cater to conservative audiences.

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Previous Engagements with Conservative Politicians

This is not the first time X has sought to engage with conservative politicians. The platform hosted a Q&A session when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his presidential candidacy. Despite technical glitches that marred the event, it signified X’s ongoing efforts to attract right-leaning political figures.

Musk’s Political Stance

Elon Musk, who once donated to Democratic causes, has increasingly used his X account to propagate conspiracy theories, misinformation, and a hardline stance on immigration. Despite his active engagement in political discourse, Musk has stated he will not financially support either Trump or Biden in the upcoming election.


X’s decision to host town hall meetings with Trump and Kennedy underscores its pivot towards engaging conservative voices under Elon Musk’s leadership. As the platform continues to evolve, its role in the political landscape remains significant, especially with the upcoming election. These events are poised to further highlight Musk’s influence and the shifting dynamics within social media and politics.

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X adult content

Elon Musk’s X Officially Allows Adult Content: A Major Policy Shift

X adult content

Elon Musk’s platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, has implemented significant changes by officially permitting adult and graphic content. This move, aimed at fostering free expression, marks a distinct shift in the platform’s content policies. Here’s an in-depth look at the new guidelines and their implications.

Background of Adult Content on X

Adult content has existed on Twitter for years. Unlike platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter did not explicitly ban such content, even before Elon Musk’s acquisition in late 2022. However, with the recent changes, X has now formally updated its rules to clearly permit adult content, provided it meets certain criteria.

New Guidelines for Adult Content

Permitted Content

The updated guidelines, reported by Tech Crunch, now explicitly allow users to share adult content. This content must be consensually produced and distributed, involving adult nudity or sexual behavior. The platform emphasizes that sexual expression, whether visual or written, is a legitimate form of artistic expression.

Content Labeling and Restrictions

Under the new policy, adult content can be posted as long as it is properly labeled. Such content must not be prominently displayed, for instance, in profile pictures or account banners. Accounts that frequently post adult content are required to mark their images and videos as sensitive content automatically.

Protection for Minors and Sensitive Users

The policy also includes measures to protect minors and users who prefer not to view adult content. Adult content will be restricted for users identified as children or for those who opt out of viewing it.

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Inclusion of AI-Generated Content

The guidelines extend to various forms of adult content, including AI-generated content, animations, cartoons, hentai, and anime. This broad inclusion aims to cover all possible forms of adult content that users might share.

Official Statement and Clarification

X’s safety team announced these new guidelines via a tweet, stating that the update aims to provide more clarity and transparency regarding the platform’s rules and enforcement procedures. This step is part of X’s ongoing efforts to balance free expression with user safety and content appropriateness.

Impact and Controversies

Since acquiring Twitter, Musk has faced criticism for reducing content moderation teams. The platform has also encountered technical issues and reinstated accounts of controversial figures, including right-wing conspiracy theorists and former US President Donald Trump. Critics argue that these moves undermine content moderation and platform safety.

Future Plans for X

Elon Musk’s vision for X extends beyond just social media. He aims to transform X into a “super app” similar to China’s WeChat, integrating features like messaging, voice and video calling, social media, mobile payments, and online booking services. This strategy is part of Musk’s plan to diversify X’s revenue streams beyond advertising.

X’s new policy on adult content represents a significant shift towards promoting free speech and artistic expression. While this move aligns with Musk’s vision for the platform, it also brings challenges, especially regarding content moderation and user safety. As X evolves, balancing these aspects will be crucial for its success.

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leaked Google database

Leaked Google Database Reveals Significant Privacy Breaches Affecting Various User Groups

leaked Google database

A recent leak of an internal Google database has exposed thousands of privacy incidents that occurred over a span of six years. These breaches, many of which were previously unknown to the public, impacted a wide range of users including children, car owners, and even corporate entities like Nintendo.

Internal Leak and Verification

The leaked database, obtained and first reported by tech outlet 404 Media, consists of numerous privacy incidents reported internally by Google employees. These incidents were flagged for investigation and resolution by relevant teams within Google. The legitimacy of the leak has been verified by 404 Media and confirmed by Google.

“In a statement to 404 Media, Google explained, ‘At Google, employees can quickly flag potential product issues for review by the relevant teams. The reports obtained by 404 are from over six years ago and are examples of these flags—every one was reviewed and resolved at that time. In some cases, these employee flags turned out not to be issues at all or were issues that employees found in third-party services.'”

Major Privacy Incidents

1. Children’s Privacy: The most significant incident involved Socratic, a homework helper app acquired by Google in 2019. The leak revealed that over one million users’ email addresses, including those of children, were publicly accessible on the website for more than a year. Additionally, children’s voices were accidentally logged in the YouTube Kids app, and a thousand children’s speech data was recorded by a Google speech service. Another incident noted that a filter meant to exclude recordings of children’s voices was not correctly applied.

2. License Plates on Google Maps Street View: In 2016, it was reported that Google Maps’ Street View was inadvertently transcribing license plates from photos to text. Despite having a system in place to detect and avoid transcribing license plates, this system failed, resulting in a database of geolocated license plate numbers and fragments.

3. Nintendo’s YouTube Announcements: One incident involved a Google employee accessing private videos on Nintendo’s YouTube account. These videos, which contained announcements that had not yet been made public, were leaked prematurely. The report states that this unauthorized access was determined to be non-intentional.

Implications and Reactions

These revelations underscore significant lapses in privacy protection and data management within Google’s various services. While Google asserts that all flagged incidents were reviewed and resolved, the exposure of such sensitive information raises concerns about the adequacy of existing safeguards.

Child Privacy Breaches

The exposure of children’s data is particularly alarming, given the potential for misuse by malicious actors. Public availability of children’s email addresses and voice data poses serious privacy and security risks.

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Vehicle License Plate Exposure

The inadvertent transcription of license plates could lead to privacy violations for individuals whose vehicles were captured by Street View. This incident highlights the need for more robust mechanisms to protect identifiable information in public data sets.

Corporate Data Leaks

The unauthorized access to Nintendo’s private videos illustrates vulnerabilities in data access controls, even for major corporate clients. Such breaches could damage trust and have significant business repercussions.


The leaked Google database sheds light on numerous privacy issues that have affected a broad spectrum of users over several years. While Google claims to have addressed these incidents, the scope and nature of the breaches call for enhanced privacy measures and transparency in handling user data. For more detailed information on the privacy incidents revealed in the leaked Google database, refer to the full report by 404 Media.

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Yusaku Maezawa

Japanese Billionaire Cancels SpaceX Moon Mission, Crew Devastated

Yusaku Maezawa

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has canceled his highly anticipated flight to the moon aboard SpaceX’s Starship, a decision influenced by the spacecraft’s lack of successful test flights. The dearMoon project, which aimed to send a civilian crew to the moon, announced the cancellation on Friday, citing SpaceX’s failure to launch by the end of 2023 and ongoing uncertainty about the mission’s future.

Cancellation Announcement

In a statement on their website, dearMoon explained, “Launch within 2023 became unfeasible, and without clear schedule certainty in the near-term, it is with a heavy heart that Maezawa made the unavoidable decision to cancel the project.” Maezawa echoed this sentiment in posts on X (formerly Twitter), expressing his disappointment over the aborted mission.

“I signed the contract in 2018 based on the assumption that dearMoon would launch by the end of 2023,” Maezawa wrote. “It’s a developmental project so it is what it is, but it is still uncertain as to when Starship can launch.”

The dearMoon Project

Maezawa announced his private SpaceX moon flight in 2018, with plans to take a group of artists on a journey to create works inspired by the trip. Initially, he expanded the guest list in January 2020, searching for a “life partner” to join him on the ultimate romantic adventure, but he quickly abandoned that idea.

Eventually, Maezawa settled on a crew of eight creatives, including U.S. DJ Steve Aoki, K-pop artist T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), and YouTuber Tim Dodd. Now, these individuals will have to find other means to get closer to the moon.

Maezawa himself has experience in space travel, having taken a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station for a 12-day trip in 2021. However, the cancellation of the dearMoon project marks a significant setback in his lunar ambitions.

Crew Reactions

The decision to cancel the mission has left the crew members devastated and disappointed. Some have publicly criticized Maezawa for his unilateral decision. Photographer and crew member Rhiannon Adam responded to Maezawa on X, stating, “You didn’t ask us if we minded waiting or give us an option or discuss that you were thinking of canceling until you’d already made the decision.”

Filmmaker Brendan Hall concurred, emphasizing that the cancellation was Maezawa’s decision alone. “Our crew has stayed well informed of Starship’s development and were aware that we would potentially be investing many years into this mission. The cancellation of this mission was sudden, brief, and unexpected.”

YouTuber Tim Dodd shared similar sentiments, noting that he had no prior knowledge of the possibility of cancellation and would have reconsidered his involvement had he known it could end abruptly. “I voiced my opinions, even before the announcement, that it was improbable for dearMoon to happen in the next few years,” Dodd wrote.

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SpaceX’s Challenges

SpaceX has faced significant challenges with Starship’s development. The first test flight in April ended in failure, followed by another unsuccessful attempt in November. The third flight in March managed to reach orbital speed, but SpaceX lost contact with the spacecraft before the planned landing.

Space flight is inherently difficult and dangerous, and Starship’s initial failures are not unexpected. However, these setbacks highlight the long road ahead before Starship is ready to safely transport humans.


The cancellation of the dearMoon project marks a significant disappointment for Maezawa and his chosen crew. While Maezawa’s decision is understandable given the uncertainties and risks involved, the emotional impact on the crew and their dashed lunar dreams is palpable. As SpaceX continues to develop Starship, the hope for a future civilian moon mission remains, albeit on an uncertain timeline.

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Motorola Edge 2024

Motorola’s 2024 Edge Mid-Ranger: Bigger, Better, and More Affordable

Motorola Edge 2024

Motorola has officially unveiled its latest mid-range smartphone, the Edge (2024). This new device shares many features with last year’s model but introduces some notable enhancements.

Key Upgrades

Enhanced Performance with Snapdragon Chipset

The most significant upgrade is the chipset. The Edge (2024) features a Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 SoC, replacing the previous MediaTek hardware. While online benchmark tests indicate that this chip may not outperform the 2023 version, it does offer comparable performance. This change allows Motorola to price the new Edge at a competitive $550, $50 less than its predecessor, which is still sold at $600.

RAM Boost for Extra Power

For users needing extra power, the Edge (2024) includes RAM Boost, a feature that converts unused storage from the 256GB drive into virtual RAM. With 8GB of standard memory, this tool is especially useful for activities like streaming movies or gaming.

Bigger Battery and Fast Charging

The Edge (2024) comes with a larger 5,000mAh battery, capable of lasting up to 36 hours on a single charge. Additionally, it supports 68W TurboPower fast charging, allowing users to achieve up to 50% battery life with just a 15-minute charge.

Design and Camera Improvements

Updated Design with Quick Button

The Edge (2024) maintains a design similar to the 2023 model, with a notable addition of a new Quick Button. This customizable button can be linked to specific apps or functions, such as launching Google Maps, accessing Gmail, or opening the messaging app. As a result, the device is slightly larger, measuring 159.63 x 71.99 x 8.09 mm (6.28 x 2.83 x 0.3 inches).

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Advanced Camera Features

A standout feature of the Edge (2024) is its 50 MP rear camera equipped with a Sony LYTIA 700C image sensor. Motorola claims this sensor enhances light absorption, producing highly detailed images. The camera is supported by Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Adaptive Stabilization to minimize hand motion and ensure clear photographs. Complementing the main camera are a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 32MP front-facing camera for selfies.

Motorola’s Edge (2024) presents an appealing package for those seeking a mid-range smartphone. With enhancements in performance, battery life, and camera quality, combined with a more affordable price, the Edge (2024) stands out as a strong contender in the market.


For those interested in an affordable yet powerful smartphone, the Motorola Edge (2024) is worth considering. Its new features and competitive pricing make it an attractive choice for a wide range of users.

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