Apple Actively Developing Foldable Clamshell iPhone, but Challenges Delay Launch, Reports Say

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The latest report suggests that Apple is actively working on the development of a foldable iPhone, specifically exploring clamshell folding models. However, the news comes with a mix of good and challenging information for eager fans.

On the positive side, Apple is reportedly in possession of at least two prototypes of clamshell folding devices. Unfortunately, the downside is that the foldable iPhone is still in the early stages of development, and its release may not be imminent. Even more discouraging is the indication that Apple is encountering familiar challenges that led to a halt in foldable phone development back in 2020.

According to the report, Apple’s ambition for the foldable iPhone includes achieving an extremely thin profile when unfolded, approximately half the thickness of current models. Additionally, the company explored the possibility of incorporating an outward-facing display. However, it seems that Apple’s designers and engineers have faced difficulties in realizing these objectives. There’s also ongoing work to make the phone’s display completely flat when unfolded, but there’s no confirmation on whether this has been accomplished.

Given these challenges, the report suggests that the foldable iPhone is unlikely to launch in the near future, casting doubt on its release within the next couple of years. As per the report’s speculation, the year 2026 may be a more plausible timeframe for the introduction of a foldable iPhone.

Key Points:

  1. Foldable iPhone Development:

    • Apple is actively engaged in the development of foldable devices, specifically exploring the concept of a clamshell folding iPhone.
    • The company reportedly has two prototypes for the clamshell folding model.
  2. Challenges in Design Goals:

    • Apple aimed to achieve a notably thin design when unfolded, approximately half the thickness of current iPhone models.
    • The goal also included adding an outward-facing display, but the report suggests that these design objectives have proven challenging.
  3. Unsuccessful Design Aspirations:

    • Engineers and designers at Apple are said to be facing difficulties in meeting the thinness target and incorporating the outward-facing display.
  4. Display Flatness on Unfolding:

    • Apple is working on ensuring that the phone’s display is fully flat when unfolded, but there is no confirmation regarding the success of this objective.
  5. Potential Delay in Launch:

    • The challenges in meeting specific design goals may result in a delay in the launch of the foldable iPhone.
    • The report suggests that the device might not be expected to launch in the near future, with a potential timeline extending beyond 2022.
  6. Historical Context:

    • Apple faced challenges in foldable phone development back in 2020, leading to a temporary halt in the project.
    • The current challenges appear to echo some of the difficulties experienced in the previous development phase.
  7. Potential Release Year Uncertain:

    • With the current obstacles, there is uncertainty about the potential release year for the foldable iPhone, with the report speculating a launch beyond 2022—possibly in 2026.
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