Unofficial YouTube App for Apple’s Vision Pro Released by Apollo for Reddit Developer

Juno Apollo for Reddit
(Credit: Christian Selig)

With YouTube not developing a dedicated app for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, Christian Selig, the creator of Apollo for Reddit, has stepped in to fill the void. Selig has introduced Juno, a Vision Pro app for YouTube, priced at $5 for a one-time purchase. The app utilizes YouTube’s embed API for native functionality, offering users features like resizable windows, intuitive controls, and plans for future enhancements.

Key Points:

Juno App Development:

    • Christian Selig, the developer behind Apollo for Reddit, responded to the absence of a dedicated YouTube app for Vision Pro by creating Juno.
    • The app leverages YouTube’s embed API, ensuring native functionality and compatibility with Vision Pro’s unique features.

YouTube Embed API Integration:

    • Juno utilizes YouTube’s embed API, allowing videos to load within a web view while providing controls for playback.
    • This approach facilitates a native experience, enabling automatic resizing of windows based on different aspect ratios.

Key Features of Juno:

    • The app supports resizable windows, allowing users to customize their viewing experience.
    • Intuitive controls include pinch-drag for video scrubbing and double pinch on the sides to navigate forward or backward by 10 seconds.
    • The app features a “dim surroundings” option, focusing attention on the video content.

No Recurring Revenue Model:

Juno is available for a one-time purchase of $5, without any recurring payment model.

    • The developer emphasizes the use of YouTube’s embed API to provide an authentic and seamless Vision Pro experience.

Future Plans for Juno:

    • Selig plans to introduce multiview support, allowing users to leverage Vision Pro’s ability to display multiple spatial windows.
    • Additional features in the pipeline include comment visibility, new immersive environments, and caption controls.

Apple’s Vision Pro App Landscape:

Apple announced that at launch, Vision Pro will have 600 apps specifically optimized for the headset.

    • While notable apps like Netflix and YouTube lack dedicated versions, users can access content through platforms such as Disney+, Max, ESPN, and more.

Christian Selig’s Previous Projects:

    • Selig previously shut down Apollo for Reddit due to API terms changes and updated his Pixel Pals app with interactive widgets.
    • In October, he released a language-learning widget as part of the Pixel Pals app.

Christian Selig’s introduction of Juno addresses the absence of an official YouTube app for Apple’s Vision Pro. Priced at $5 with no recurring fees, Juno utilizes YouTube’s embed API to offer users a native and customizable viewing experience. With planned enhancements, including multiview support, Juno aims to contribute to the growing ecosystem of Vision Pro apps.

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