Apple Vision Pro: Preorder Guide and In-Store Demos

Apple Vision Pro

As the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset nears its launch, enthusiasts are eager to preorder the AR/VR device that promises to revolutionize spatial computing. With a price tag of $3,499 and distinctive features, including a lack of popular apps at launch, potential buyers are weighing their options. This guide provides essential information on how to preorder the Apple Vision Pro, customize your order, and, for the cautious, explore in-store demos.


Preordering the Apple Vision Pro:

    • Preorders are currently available on Apple’s website.
    • Face ID on your iPhone or iPad is used to measure for the right fit of the Light Seal and headbands.
    • Selection of optical inserts, with readers and prescription options priced at $99 and $149, respectively.
    • Prescription details, including distance correction and near correction, are required for those opting for inserts.
    • Storage options: 256GB for $3,499, 512GB for $3,699, and 1TB for $3,899.
    • Payment options include outright purchase or installment plans starting at $291.58 per month with an Apple Card.
    • Optional AppleCare+ coverage available for $499 or $24.99 per month.
    • Choose between store pickup or free home delivery.
    • Preorder includes accessories: dual-loop adjustable band, protective cover, cleaning cloth, external battery, 30W USB-C adapter, and USB-C charging cable.

In-Store Demos:

    • Apple offers 25-minute demos for those who want to experience the Vision Pro before committing.
    • Sign-ups for in-store demos begin on February 2, starting at 8:00 a.m. local time at participating Apple retail locations.
    • Demos are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • While in-person demos are initially planned through the weekend, availability may extend.

Delivery Window Considerations:

    • Due to high demand and preorder volumes, delivery windows for recent preorders might be longer than expected.
    • Buyers are advised to check estimated arrival or pickup times during the checkout process.

The Apple Vision Pro preorder phase is in full swing, offering potential buyers the opportunity to secure the cutting-edge AR/VR headset. With customization options, payment plans, and in-store demos, Apple aims to cater to a diverse audience. As the device’s launch approaches, enthusiasts and early adopters eagerly await the next chapter in spatial computing.

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