KIWI design Comfort Head Strap Compatible with Meta Quest 3

Head Strap Compatible with Meta Quest 3

The KIWI Design Comfort Head Strap Compatible with Meta Quest 3 is an essential accessory for enhancing your VR and MR experiences. This elite strap is designed for a perfect fit and superior comfort, providing excellent stability while reducing facial pressure during use.

With an original 52° detachable joint design, the adjustable hinge allows for easy flipping up of the headset. Putting on and taking off the strap is effortless, saving you time and frustration.

The enlarged bracket supports a wide range of head sizes, from 17.7 to 29.5 inches, cradling your head comfortably for extended wear. This makes your VR sessions more immersive and enjoyable without worrying about strain or discomfort.

Head Strap Compatible with Meta Quest 3

The memory foam cushion is a standout feature, offering improved comfort with its widened top strap pad and thickened head cushion. The soft PU leather surface is easy to clean, keeping your head strap in excellent condition.

You can rely on the side straps for durability, as they have been lab-tested to withstand over 10,000 bending and recovery cycles. The extreme strength and long-lasting design ensure the strap will serve you well for many VR experiences.

If you want to elevate your VR gaming with the Meta Quest 3, the KIWI Design Comfort Head Strap is the perfect choice. It offers unbeatable comfort, stability, and ease of use, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable VR adventure.

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