Google Pixel 8 Pro Review: Unlocked Android Smartphone with Telephoto Lens, Super Actua Display, and 24-Hour Battery

Google pixel 8 pro

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The Google Pixel 8 Pro is a high-performance unlocked Android smartphone featuring a 6.7-inch Super Actua display, telephoto lens, and 24-hour battery life. Learn about its powerful Google Tensor G3 chip, advanced camera capabilities, and why it stands out in the smartphone market.

Google’s Pixel series has consistently set high standards in the smartphone market, and the Pixel 8 Pro is no exception. Combining cutting-edge technology with sleek design, this phone promises an unparalleled user experience. In this review, we will explore the features, performance, and advantages of the Google Pixel 8 Pro, showcasing why it is a top choice for smartphone enthusiasts.

Product Information

Model: Google Pixel 8 Pro
Color: Obsidian
Storage: 128 GB
Operating System: Android
Connectivity: Unlocked 5G
Display: 6.7-inch Super Actua display
Camera: Pro-level camera system with telephoto lens
Battery Life: Up to 24 hours

Why People Prefer This Product

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is preferred by many due to its advanced AI capabilities, superior camera system, and robust performance. The integration of the Google Tensor G3 chip provides cutting-edge photo and video features, while the unlocked nature of the phone allows for flexibility in carrier and data plan choices.


  1. Google Tensor G3 Chip: Custom-designed with Google AI for superior performance and smarter assistance.
  2. Unlocked 5G Connectivity: Works with major carriers like Google Fi, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, providing flexibility to change carriers and data plans.
  3. Super Actua Display: 6.7-inch display with adaptive refresh rate between 1 and 120Hz for sharp and responsive visuals.
  4. Advanced Camera System: Four pro-level cameras with exceptional zoom, sharp video recording, and features like Audio Magic Eraser.
  5. 24-Hour Battery Life: Adaptive Battery lasts over 24 hours, with Extreme Battery Saver extending life up to 72 hours and fast charging capabilities.

Additional Features

  • Emergency Response: Can notify first responders and share your location in an emergency, detect severe car crashes, and call emergency services if needed.
  • Security: Google Tensor G3, VPN by Google One, and Titan M2 security chip ensure multiple layers of protection for your data.
  • Easy Switching: Transfer contacts, photos, messages, apps, and more from your old phone to the Pixel 8 Pro in about 30 minutes.

Google pixel 8 pro

Other Users’ Opinions

Users have praised the Google Pixel 8 Pro for its seamless performance, exceptional camera quality, and vibrant display. Many appreciate the integration of Google AI, which enhances everyday tasks and overall usability. The battery life and durability of the phone are also commonly highlighted by users.

Our Verdict

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is a stellar smartphone that combines high-end technology with user-friendly features. Its integration of the Google Tensor G3 chip, advanced camera system, and impressive battery life make it a top contender in the smartphone market. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, the Pixel 8 Pro offers something for everyone.

Pros and Cons


  • Superior camera quality with telephoto lens
  • Long battery life with fast charging
  • Google AI features
  • Unlocked for multiple carriers
  • Durable design with emergency response capabilities


  • Limited to 128 GB storage without expandable options
  • Higher price point compared to some competitors

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is a robust and versatile smartphone that excels in various aspects, from camera quality to battery life and AI integration. It is an ideal choice for users seeking a high-performance device with advanced features and security.

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