US Ban Strikes Apple Smartwatches Amid Patent Feud with Masimo

Apple smartwatch ban

In a significant turn of events, a federal appeals court has directed Apple to cease the US sale of specific smartwatch models amidst an ongoing patent dispute with health company Masimo. This article delves into the details of the court’s order, the nature of the patent feud, and Apple’s strategic response as it awaits the crucial appeal decision.

Federal Appeals Court’s Order:

The latest chapter in the legal battle between Apple and Masimo unfolded as a federal appeals court issued a decisive order to halt the US sale of certain Apple smartwatch models. The move, effective immediately, comes as the tech giant is instructed to await the outcome of its appeal against a previous ban.

Masimo’s Patent Dispute:

Masimo, a health company based in southern California, initiated the dispute by filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC). In October, the ITC decided to halt imports of Apple Watch models due to a patented technology related to blood-oxygen level detection. Although the ban was temporarily lifted last month, the recent court order reinstates it, amplifying the tension in the patent feud.

Apple’s Response:

Facing the ban, Apple is reportedly planning to remove the contentious technology from the smartwatches in question, specifically the Series 9 and Ultra 2. This strategic move is seen as an attempt to address the patent concerns raised by Masimo. The health company alleges that it invented the technology and accuses Apple of acquiring the know-how through the poaching of key employees.

As the legal battle unfolds, Apple navigates a challenging landscape with its smartwatches caught in the crossfire of a patent dispute. The decision to remove the technology temporarily reflects the company’s commitment to resolving the conflict. The tech world watches closely as the appeal process unfolds, anticipating the outcome that could shape the future of smartwatch technology.


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