Windows Introduces Generative Erase: A Magic Eraser for Photo Editing

Magic eraser
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is stepping into the realm of AI-enhanced photo editing with the introduction of Generative Magic Eraser, a feature set to revolutionize the way users modify their photos within the Windows environment. While Google and Samsung have already showcased their AI magic, Microsoft is making sure Windows PCs won’t be left behind.

The Power of Generative AI Magic Eraser in Photos App

Magic Eraser, unveiled by Microsoft, empowers users to perform selective photo erasing directly within the bundled Photos app on Windows. This feature utilizes the prowess of generative AI to seamlessly remove unwanted elements from images. The demonstration reveals the tool’s ability to make a dog’s leash disappear and eliminate unintentional photobombers, showcasing the potential of this innovative functionality.

Windows 10 and 11 Integration

One of the standout aspects of Magic Eraser is its broad integration. Microsoft is not only bringing this feature to Windows 11 but is also backporting all AI edit features, including background removal, to Windows 10. This ensures a wider user base can enjoy the benefits of AI-driven photo editing without the need for upgrading to the latest Windows version.

Accessibility for Windows Insiders

While Magic Eraser is creating buzz, it’s currently accessible to Windows Insiders. Microsoft notes, “This update is beginning to roll out to Windows Insiders in all channels today (including Windows Insiders on Windows 10 in the Release Preview Channel).” Users are encouraged to update their Photos app to version number 2024.11020.21001.0 or higher to unlock the new features.

Metadata and Watermark Considerations

As users delve into the world of AI-edited photos, Microsoft’s announcement leaves a question mark regarding metadata or watermarks. The blog post does not clarify whether AI-enhanced photos will come with identifiable markers, allowing users to distinguish them from their unedited counterparts.

Magic Eraser is poised to democratize advanced photo editing on Windows, providing users with a tool that harnesses the capabilities of AI to enhance their creative endeavors. As this feature gradually becomes available to a broader audience, the world of Windows photography is set for a transformative journey, where the magic of AI meets the convenience of everyday photo editing.

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