Meta Unveils Threads API for Developers: New Opportunities for Third-Party Integrations

Threads API launch

Meta has launched the Threads API, opening new doors for developers and third-party businesses to integrate their applications with the Threads platform. Announced in a blog post by Jesse Chen, Threads’ director of engineering, this API will enable a wide range of functionalities and integrations.

Key Features of the Threads API

The Threads API offers developers the ability to:

  • Publish custom posts including images, videos, text, and carousels
  • Analyze performance metrics
  • Access follower demographics
  • Automate reply tools

According to the blog post, “People can now publish posts via the API, fetch their own content, and leverage our reply management capabilities to set reply and quote controls, retrieve replies to their posts, hide, unhide or respond to specific replies.”

Announcement and Developer Resources

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the availability of the Threads API on Threads, stating, “The Threads API is now widely available, and coming to more of you soon.”

To assist developers, Meta has provided an open-source sample app and a guide on using the API. Interested developers can fill out a form to get started. Note that Threads accounts are limited to 250 API-published posts per 24 hours.

Testing and Collaborations

Meta began testing the Threads API earlier this year with partners like Hootsuite, Techmeme, Sprinklr, Social News Desk, Grabyo, and Sprout Social. The beta phase started in April 2023.

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Elina Vilk, Hootsuite’s chief marketing officer, expressed excitement about the integration: “Threads is a fast-growing network that reflects where social is headed, and the capabilities that this API integration makes possible for our customers is taking Hootsuite’s mission of unlocking social relationships to a new level.”

Threads’ Evolution and Challenges

Since its launch in July 2023, Threads has experienced a fluctuating user base, peaking at 150 million users in April after a significant dip in August 2023. The platform has introduced features like trending topics, a TweetDeck-like column view, post archiving, and a Tinder-like swipe feature.

However, Threads has also faced challenges, including accessibility issues and reports of hate speech and controversial posts. Despite these hurdles, Meta has been proactive in adding fact-checkers to combat misinformation and improve user experience.


The launch of the Threads API marks a significant step in Meta’s effort to enhance the functionality and integration capabilities of the Threads platform. With the new API, developers and businesses can create more dynamic and engaging social media experiences, driving the platform’s growth and utility.

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