Meta Launches Bonus Program for Threads Creators

Meta confirms launch of a bonus program for creators on Threads.

Meta’s Threads social network, which recently surpassed 150 million monthly users, is aiming to further boost engagement by launching a limited-time bonus program for creators. This program is designed to incentivize creators to produce more content on the platform.

Bonus Program Details

The bonus program, which began testing in March, is currently an invite-only initiative limited to creators in the U.S. However, Meta has indicated that it may expand the program to other regions if it proves successful. Invited creators receive personalized requirements for earning bonuses, which can vary depending on the creator’s content and performance.

Requirements and Eligibility

To participate in the program, creators must have a public Threads profile and adhere to Instagram’s creator incentive terms and rules for bonuses. The program assesses the performance of Threads posts based on views and quantity. Specific guidelines determine which posts are eligible for bonuses, including:

  • A minimum of 2,500 views per post
  • Exclusion of posts with copyrighted material, no text, or boosted views
  • Content without watermarks from other platforms such as TikTok or YouTube
  • Exclusion of brand partnership posts

Monitoring Earnings and Receiving Payouts

Creators can track their earnings through the professional dashboard. To receive a bonus payout, creators may need to meet a minimum earnings threshold. If the minimum amount is not achieved, they will not receive a payout but may still be eligible for future bonus opportunities.

Impact on Creator Engagement

The bonus program may encourage creators with substantial Instagram followings to post more on Threads, potentially bringing their followers along with them. This cross-promotion is facilitated by Instagram’s integration with Threads, as suggested Threads posts appear in the app.

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Opportunities and Future Prospects

While the bonus program offers creators a chance to build their audience on Threads, the monetary benefits may be temporary. Meta has not provided specific details regarding long-term plans for creators to earn money on the platform. Nevertheless, the program provides a valuable opportunity for creators to establish a presence on Threads and explore the potential of the growing social network.

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