LG TONE Free FN6 Review: UVnano Self-Cleaning Earbuds with Meridian Sound and Dual Microphones


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Finding the perfect pair of wireless earbuds can be challenging with the plethora of options available. The LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds stand out with their unique UVnano self-cleaning technology, superior sound quality powered by Meridian, and a host of other impressive features. This review delves into what makes these earbuds a top choice for audio enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

Product Information

The LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds are true wireless Bluetooth earbuds that boast UVnano self-cleaning technology, which kills 99.9% of bacteria on the speaker mesh. They feature Meridian sound technology for Hi-Fi audio, dual microphones for clear calls, and an ergonomic design with medical-grade hypoallergenic ear gels. The earbuds offer up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge, with an additional 12 hours provided by the compact charging case.


Why People Prefer These Products

People prefer the LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds for their innovative UVnano self-cleaning technology, which ensures hygiene by eliminating bacteria on the speaker mesh. The superior sound quality provided by Meridian technology and the dual microphones for advanced call clarity make these earbuds ideal for both music lovers and professionals. The ergonomic design and hypoallergenic ear gels add to the comfort and convenience, making them suitable for all-day use.


UVnano Charging Case

The UVnano charging case kills 99.9% of bacteria on the speaker mesh of the earbuds within 10 minutes while charging. This feature ensures that your earbuds remain clean and hygienic, providing peace of mind especially for daily users.

Medical-Grade Hypoallergenic Ear Gels

The ear gels are made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone, offering a comfortable fit with fewer worries about irritation or allergies. These ear gels meet ISO 10993 and USP Class VI requirements, ensuring safety and comfort for extended use.

Ergonomic Design

The earbuds are designed with flexible ear gels and balanced weight distribution for a snug and secure fit. This ergonomic design ensures that the earbuds stay comfortably in place, even during extended listening sessions.

Dual Mic Call Clarity

The built-in dual microphones reduce noise and cancel echo, ensuring clear and crisp call quality. This feature is particularly useful for making calls in noisy environments, allowing your voice to be heard clearly.

Sound by Meridian Technology

The LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds are equipped with Meridian sound technology, delivering Hi-Fi sound with a realistic sense of space. The built-in equalizer provides impressive bass and treble tones, offering an immersive listening experience.

18 Hours Battery Life & Fast Charging

The earbuds offer up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge, with an additional 12 hours provided by the charging case. The fast charging feature allows for quick power boosts, ensuring that your earbuds are always ready to go.

Compatibility with iOS & Android

These earbuds are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, allowing for seamless connectivity with your smartphone or tablet. The easy pairing process ensures that you can start listening to your favorite music or taking calls without any hassle.

IPX4 Water-Resistant

The LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds have an IPX4 water-resistant rating, making them resistant to splashes from any direction. This feature ensures durability and reliability, even during workouts or in rainy conditions.

Additional Features

  • Compact Cradle: The stylish and minimalistic charging case is compact enough to fit in your palm, making it easy to carry around.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: Ensures a stable and efficient connection with your devices.
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility: Easily access your preferred voice assistant for hands-free control.


Warranty & Service

LG offers a 1-year warranty for the TONE Free FN6 earbuds, covering any manufacturing defects. The customer service team is known for being responsive and helpful, ensuring any issues are resolved promptly.

Other Users’ Opinions

Users have praised the LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds for their innovative UVnano technology, exceptional sound quality, and comfortable fit. Many have highlighted the clear call quality provided by the dual microphones and the convenience of the fast charging feature. The earbuds’ durability and water-resistant design have also received positive feedback.

Our Verdict

The LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds are an excellent choice for anyone seeking hygienic, high-quality, and comfortable wireless earbuds. With their UVnano self-cleaning technology, superior sound by Meridian, and ergonomic design, they offer an impressive audio experience.

Pros and Cons


  • UVnano self-cleaning technology
  • Superior sound quality by Meridian
  • Comfortable and hypoallergenic ear gels
  • Clear call quality with dual microphones
  • Long battery life (18 hours total)
  • Fast charging
  • Water-resistant (IPX4)
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • UVnano function works only when case is connected to power
  • Case is not water-resistant


The LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds provide a top-notch audio experience with the added benefit of UVnano self-cleaning technology. Their impressive sound quality, comfortable fit, and advanced features make them a great investment for anyone in need of reliable and hygienic wireless earbuds.

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