Lean Marketing: More leads. More profit. Less marketing

Lean Marketing

Lean Marketing: More leads. More profit. Less marketing

Bigger Results with Less Marketing

In this book, you’ll discover:

Why many existing marketing techniques have stopped working and what to do instead.
The exact tools and tactics you need to build a devastatingly effective marketing system.
How to win with a simple, structured, and systemized approach rather than failing with random acts of marketing.
How to pivot from bloated, ineffective, and wasteful marketing activities to ones that compel prospects to take action.
How to create a strong product-market fit so that your target market intensely desires what you have to offer.
How to do marketing you’ll be proud of that works without hype, scams, or pressure.
How to build a strong brand that creates goodwill and attracts ideal customers.


Lean Marketing is a follow-up to the international bestselling phenomenon, The 1-Page Marketing Plan.

Stop trying to outshout the other guy. Stop blunt-force conventional marketing tactics that annoy, interrupt, and repel. Stop wasting time with theoretical claptrap that doesn’t work in the real world. Get immediate traction by implementing lean marketing.

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