Future Health Tech Unveiled at CES 2023: From Snore-Defying Pillows to Smart Toilets and Surgical Digital Twins!

Health Tech CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas showcased groundbreaking health innovations, signaling a surge in remote healthcare trends. From pillows silencing snores to smart toilets analyzing urine and surgical digital twins, the event unveiled a spectrum of futuristic health gadgets. Avi Greengart from Techsponential predicts a wave of intriguing devices aimed at monitoring and improving well-being.

Snore-Silencing Pillow

Snore-Silencing Pillow
South Korea’s 10Minds presented a snore-silencing pillow equipped with a built-in microphone. The pillow detects snoring and adjusts using soundless airbags to gently position the sleeper for quiet breathing. Synced with a smartphone app, it collects data to refine responses over time, even distinguishing between various snoring sources.

Toilet Turned Lab

Withings introduced the U-Scan, transforming toilets into health labs. Hang a disk inside the bowl with changeable cartridges for monitoring menstruation cycles and nutritional indicators. The device syncs wirelessly to a smartphone app, offering personalized recommendations for workouts, diet, and hydration optimization. Withings plans to launch in Europe, pending FDA approval for the U.S. market.

Digital Twin for Surgery

France-based Abys showcased technology enabling surgeons to create “digital twins” using patient data from X-rays. Surgeons can plan operations precisely, reducing time and risks. In the operating room, Microsoft HoloLens headsets provide access to a patient’s holographic twin and critical data during surgery. The innovation received approval from U.S. regulators last week.

Armchair Masseuse

Bodyfriend from South Korea addresses neck and back aches caused by screen time. Their medical massage chair kneads muscles, applies heat, and uses electromagnetic waves to alleviate discomfort. Changjoo Kim, Bodyfriend North America manager, emphasizes the technology’s role in solving problems arising from modern lifestyles.

CES 2023 unveiled a future where health meets technology seamlessly. From personalized snore solutions to smart toilets, surgical planning with digital twins, and innovative massage chairs, these health gadgets promise a holistic approach to well-being. As technology advances, our understanding and management of health take a giant leap forward.


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