Fitbit Google Ace LTE – Kids Smartwatch Review

Fitbit Google Ace LTE

Explore the innovative features of the Fitbit Google Ace LTE kids smartwatch, including GPS tracking, calling, messaging, and activity-based games. With built-in parental controls and a fun design, it’s the perfect companion for active and connected kids.

The Fitbit Google Ace LTE redefines what a kids’ smartwatch can do. Designed to keep children active, connected, and safe, this innovative device offers a range of features that cater to both parents’ and kids’ needs. From GPS tracking to calling and messaging, the Ace LTE ensures that kids stay connected while on the move.

Product Information:

  • Model: Fitbit Google Ace LTE
  • Features: Calling, texting, GPS tracking, activity-based games
  • Parental Controls: School Time mode, location sharing
  • Fitbit Arcade: Access to movement-based games
  • Design: Fun and colorful bands with customizable eejie character


Why People Prefer This Product: The Fitbit Google Ace LTE stands out for its combination of safety features, connectivity options, and fun activities. Parents appreciate the peace of mind that comes with GPS tracking and location sharing, while kids enjoy staying connected with calls, texts, and games.


  • GPS Tracking: Parents can track their child’s location in real-time using the Fitbit Ace app.
  • Calling and Texting: The Ace LTE allows kids to make calls, send texts, and receive voice messages from up to 20 pre-approved contacts.
  • Fitbit Arcade: Access to a variety of movement-based games encourages kids to stay active throughout the day.
  • School Time Mode: Parents can limit gameplay during school hours while still allowing essential communication.

Additional Features:

  • Fitbit Ace Pass: The Ace Pass data plan provides access to calling, messaging, location sharing, and the Fitbit Arcade.
  • Noodle Activity Ring: The Noodle activity ring tracks kids’ movement and celebrates their achievements with fun animations.
  • Customizable Eejie Character: Kids can personalize their Ace LTE experience by customizing their eejie character and earning rewards for meeting their goals.
  • Interchangeable Bands: Each Ace LTE band unlocks new challenges and activities, allowing kids to keep their eejie happy and their activity levels high.


Other Users’ Opinions: Users praise the Fitbit Google Ace LTE for its intuitive design, robust features, and ability to keep kids engaged and active. Parents appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing their children are safe and connected.

Our Verdict: The Fitbit Google Ace LTE is a must-have accessory for active, connected kids. With its array of features, including calling, texting, GPS tracking, and activity-based games, it offers something for everyone in the family.

Pros and Cons:


  • Safety features like GPS tracking and location sharing
  • Calling, texting, and voice messaging capabilities
  • Access to movement-based games in the Fitbit Arcade
  • Customizable design with interchangeable bands


  • Limited availability of certain features depending on location and network coverage
  • Potential for distraction during school hours if parental controls are not properly set up

The Fitbit Google Ace LTE is a game-changer in the world of kids’ smartwatches. With its blend of safety, connectivity, and fun, it’s the perfect companion for active and connected kids everywhere.

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