Chrome May Add New Circle to Search Tool for Easier Image Identification

Chrome Circle to Search

Google may soon introduce a feature similar to its popular Circle to Search tool on Pixel phones for its Chrome browser on desktop. This potential update is set to enhance the online image identification process by providing manual control over the tool.

Lens Update for Chrome

Industry insider Leopeva64 recently shared short clips on X (formerly Twitter) showcasing a potential Google Lens update for Chrome. The update would allow users to manually control the tool using a Lens icon in the toolbar. When selected, the cursor transforms into a cross-shaped reticle with a camera icon, enabling users to highlight items on the screen. Once the item is selected, a window appears from the right side, displaying search results relevant to the chosen content.

Similarities to Pixel’s Circle to Search

The demo videos reveal that the new Chrome feature may take inspiration from Pixel’s Circle to Search tool. By highlighting an object, the surrounding area is blurred out, leaving only the selected content in focus. Unlike Circle to Search on Pixel, the Chrome version seems to use a rigid rectangular shape instead of a freehand circle.

Existing Image Search Capabilities

Currently, Chrome offers image search features through the browser’s context menu, allowing users to search an image with Google or drag and drop it to Google Images. However, the potential new Circle to Search tool would simplify the process by allowing users to select specific content for searching without needing to open a separate window.

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AI Enhancements Coming to Chrome

While it remains uncertain when the new Circle to Search feature will be released, 9To5Google reports that Google plans to introduce more AI tools to the browser this year. Adriana Porter Felt, Chrome’s engineering director, has mentioned that her team is exploring ways to leverage AI technology to make tasks like searching and reading webpages more efficient. This potential Circle to Search tool aligns with those goals.


Google’s possible Circle to Search tool in Chrome could make online image identification more user-friendly, drawing inspiration from Pixel’s well-received feature. As the company continues its AI advancements in the browser, users can look forward to more streamlined and intuitive online experiences in the near future.

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