Apple Messages Finally Embraces RCS and Text Scheduling in iOS 18

iOS 18 message scheduling
Image credit: Apple.

Apple’s iMessage and Messages app in iOS 18 are set to introduce two highly anticipated features: the ability to schedule messages and support for RCS, a next-gen messaging standard. These updates will significantly enhance the user experience, especially for those communicating with Android users.

Groundbreaking Messaging Features in iOS 18

Introduction of Text Scheduling

For years, iPhone users have sought the ability to schedule messages. Until now, they’ve had to rely on third-party apps or cumbersome workarounds. iOS 18 changes this by allowing users to schedule messages directly within the Messages app. This feature is ideal for business professionals, night owls, and anyone who wants to ensure their messages are sent at the perfect time without waking someone up or missing important events.

Embracing RCS for Enhanced Messaging

The most significant update, however, is the support for Rich Communication Services (RCS). This next-gen messaging standard is set to replace SMS, resolving many issues faced when texting Android users. RCS will bring improved features such as typing indicators, read receipts, and higher quality media sharing, bridging the gap between iOS and Android communication.

Apple message iOS 18
Image credit: Apple

The Push for RCS Adoption

Google’s Advocacy and EU Regulations

Google has long advocated for Apple’s adoption of RCS to streamline communication between iOS and Android users. The ongoing “green bubble” debate, highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, has emphasized the need for a unified messaging standard. Although the EU ruled that iMessage wasn’t popular enough to mandate interoperability, regulatory scrutiny likely influenced Apple’s decision to support RCS.

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Addressing Longstanding Issues

Apple’s reluctance to adopt RCS has historically led to a subpar messaging experience with Android users, including lack of end-to-end encryption, no typing indicators, and low-quality media. With iOS 18, Apple aims to resolve these issues, although RCS messages will still appear as green bubbles on Apple devices.

Future Improvements and Encryption

Apple has indicated plans to work with the GSMA to introduce end-to-end encryption for RCS, though this won’t be available at launch. This future update promises to enhance security and privacy for cross-platform messaging.


The introduction of message scheduling and RCS support in iOS 18 marks a significant improvement for Apple’s Messages app. These features cater to user demands for greater functionality and smoother communication with Android devices. As Apple continues to refine these updates, users can look forward to a more seamless and enriched messaging experience.

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