Apple could use ChatGPT to power AI features in iOS 18

Apple could use ChatGPT in iOS 18

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 may potentially integrate ChatGPT to enhance its AI capabilities, as speculated by industry insiders. With the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10 as the backdrop for announcements, Apple’s conversations with OpenAI, the brains behind ChatGPT, are reportedly heating up.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s engagement with OpenAI is intensifying, bolstered by unnamed sources close to the matter. Previous reports indicated discussions with Google about incorporating the Gemini chatbot into iOS 18, suggesting that Apple is casting a wide net in its search for AI collaboration.

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The latest update suggests that OpenAI might be in the lead, implying that ChatGPT and Dall-E could soon become part of iOS 18’s offerings, likely to debut in September. Apple’s decision remains uncertain, as it could opt for Google, OpenAI, or both. However, AI-centric enhancements are guaranteed in iOS 18, given Apple’s commitment to artificial intelligence.

Local, device-based AI is also expected in iOS 18, with Apple showcasing compact large language models (LLMs) that fit and operate seamlessly on smartphones. While the exact scope is yet to be revealed, AI-driven text and image creation, alongside a significant upgrade to Siri, appear plausible. Speculations also mention AI-enabled playlist curation within Apple Music.

Attention now shifts to WWDC 2024 in June, where Apple will unveil its work across iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, visionOS, and more. Subsequent public betas will precede the final release of these updates.

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