What You Will Get

Web Design & Development

A world class standard website built on Swift Platform.
Fully interactive Content management System (the easiest way to update the content of your website without calling us).
Customizable interface (Users can choose to change background sound and  the way they see the company’s website to suit their taste).
On demand Video and audio transmission online so that users can view messages online without while afar from the Company.

The project will be planned, conceptualized and designed to give the best result ever, based on this factor and more, a lot will have to be done to give a world class standard website and brand.

The Design:
The design will be made to paint the image of the business in the use of color and style. There will need to paint a clean and digital photography of the business, this is one of the reasons we constantly relate with our client.

Social Media

You can no longer afford not to take part in the social media.
Online business success are now hinging on your performance on
social media. With social media channels, your business is able to attract
and engage prospective clients and able to retain and communicate with your

Why you need the social Media:
More than 60% of LinkedIn members use facebook as their primary professional networking site.
One out of every seven minutes spent online is on facebook.
350 million tweets are sent out over twitter daily.
On YouTube, 4 billion videos are viewd daily.

Not all these channels will work for every business. We can build a strategy that will help your company thrive on a particular social media channel.

If you would like to know how social media can help your company grow, contact us and we would be glad to be help your company succeed.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing and promotion of your company’s product and services over
the internet. Digital marketing includes Email marketing, social media, search engine optimisation, inbound marketing.it is a method of targeting a desired group of people online to promote a brand or a product.

6ix Network can work with your company to create a strategic plan based upon your product and services, audiences and available resources. With our plan and the use of the resources, your return on investment will be maximized.

Almost every aspect of internet marketing can be traced, tested or measured. This allows for more effective tuning of an internet marketing campaign.
Let the world know about your company through:
Email marketing
Social media adverts
Search engine optimisation
Google ads
Inbound marketing.